BLOG TOUR: Churchill's Tale of Tails by Anca Sandu


What's a pig to do when his perfect tail goes missing? Churchill is a very proud pig.  Like all pigs he cherishes his precious tail. It's not too big and not too fancy -- it's just right.  But one morning, it's missing!

"I just don't feel like myself without my tail," he says.

His friends suggest trying on different tails, so Churchill tries on a peacock tail and feels beautiful.  He tries on a fish tail and feels fantastic! Churchill is having so much fun trying on new tails that soon it's all he wants to talk about! Will Churchill ever go back to being himself?


Anca Sandu was born in Romania and studied children's illustration at Anglia Ruskin University, in Cambridge, England.  She works as a freelance designer and lives in Oregon.  This is her first picture book.


Churchill's Tale of Tails provides not only plenty of giggles but an important message about the dangers of pride and self-absorption.  Churchill loves his 'perfect little tail.' But one morning he wakes up to find it missing.  When he is unable to find it, his good friends, Billy and Gruff, set out to help him find a new one. But Churchill becomes so absorbed in trying out different tails that he neglects his friends, only to discover that his friends are more important.  The illustrations are really cute with lots of fun details to look at.  My favorite illustrations though are the ones with Churchill and his new tails, they are really quite amusing.  I also thought the message was beautifully integrated into the story.  All in all, a real winner.

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