Friday, January 13, 2012

Fantastic Friday: My Sparkling Misfortune by Laura Lond

My Sparkling Misfortune
written by Laura Lond, illustrated by Alla Alekseyeva
self-published, 2011
ISBN: 9781460922361
Grades 7 and up
Reviewed from ebook sent by author for review.
All opinions expressed are solely my own.
No compensation was received for this review.

BLURB: Lord Arkus of Blackriver Castle readily admits that he is a villain and sees no reason why it should stop him from being the protagonist of this book. After all, Prince Kellemar, an aspiring hero, has defeated him in a rather questionable way.

Bent on revenge, Arkus attempts to capture a powerful evil spirit who would make him nearly invincible, but a last-minute mistake leaves him with a Sparkling instead—“a goody-goody spirit that helps heroes, watches over little children, and messes up villains’ plans.”

Bound to Lord Arkus for five years of service and sworn to act in his best interests, the Sparkling is not easy to get rid of, and of course his understanding of “best interests” is quite different from what Lord Arkus has in mind.

I'll state up front that I loved this book.  It was delightfully humorous and entertaining.  One of the most entertaining books I've read recently.  Lord Arkus's determination to be a villain despite distinctly hero-like tendencies provides a funny plot point, especially with Kellemar as a foil.  Kellemar is determined to be a hero, but he behaves in villain-like ways.  The addition of the sparkling (Arkus was trying to catch a gormack) adds more humor as Jarvi (as Arkus names the sparkling), 'helps' Arkus in ways that Arkus does not desire.  One of my favorite parts was where Arkus is trying to kidnap the local princess in order to obtain funds to return to his castle and get revenge on Kellemar, but things do not go according to plan.  I highly recommend this book and the sequel, My Royal Pain Quest, which I, of course had to read because of the way the first book ends.  The sequel is just as delightful and entertaining.  Both books provide a relaxing and fun way to spend one's time.

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