Nonfiction Monday: Thunder Birds

Thunder Birds: Nature's Flying Predators
written and illustrated by Jim Arnosky
Sterling, 2011
All Grades
Reviewed from purchased copy.

Eagles, hawks, falcons, owls, and herons are some of nature's most impressive hunters.  With sharp beaks and talons and intense eyes, these birds are magnificent in appearance as well.  In Thunder Birds, Jim Arnosky presents the reader with a gorgeous look at these predators and what makes them such deadly hunters.

From the powerful (and sharp) talons of the eagle, to the stabbing beaks of herons, these birds create striking images in our minds.  Arnosky's illustrations are the best part of this book.  The fold-outs are particularly striking as they show some of these birds at their actual size. In addition to the illustrations, Arnosky provides a glimpse into some of his own experiences with these birds including, watching black vultures tear apart an eight-foot alligator and an owl brushing by in the dark of night without making a sound. A fine book for sharing with groups large and small.

Nonfiction Monday is a blog feature where children's literature bloggers share some of the great nonfiction available.  This week it is being hosted by History with a Twist.


  1. Thanks for the heads up about this gorgeous looking book! I adore Arnosky's work and am a beginning birder, so I will definitely be looking this one up.


  2. Thanks for stopping by! Come again. This book really is gorgeous. I enjoyed sharing it with the kindergarteners at my school.


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