Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Book Review Extras: Big Bouffant

Big Bouffant
by Kate Hosford
illustrated by Holly Clifton-Brown
Carolrhoda Books, 2011
ISBN: 9780761354093
Grades K-3
Reviewed from copy received from publisher through NetGalley.

Annabelle wants to be noticed. Her first day of school she realizes that all the girls have the same types of hairdo, ponytails and braids.  At home, she sees the picture of her grandmother's bouffant and decides to try it for her face.  She tries to create a bouffant by herself using butter and other ingredients, finally her mother helps and she does indeed get her classmates attention.  Once all the girls are wearing bouffants however, Annabelle decides that to be unique she needs to try something else.

I have to say, this book reminds me of the girls who like to play with each others hair during story time.  I confess I like to have my hair played with as well.  These girls are the primary audience of this book.  The illustrations are delightful and cute.  And the writing is perfect for reading out loud, although, I think I'd lose the boys if I read it for any of my classes.  Also, the idea of changing one's appearance to please others is implied, although, I think the idea of Annabelle wanting to be unique comes through in a stronger fashion.  This book could provide an opening to discuss the idea of peer pressure and changing our behavior to please others rather than ourselves.

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