Monday, February 27, 2017

BLOG TOUR w/ GIVEAWAY: The Blazing Bridge by Carter Roy


Ronan Truelove’s best friend, scrappy smart aleck Greta Sustermann, has no idea that she is one of the thirty-six Pure souls crucial to the safety of the world. But Ronan’s evil father has figured it out—and he’s leading the Bend Sinister straight to Greta. If they capture her, she’ll suffer a fate far worse than mere death. But to get to Greta, they’re going to have to go through Ronan first.

Standing with Ronan are plucky hacker Sammy; witty, unkillable Jack Dawkins; and a sharp-tongued woman named Diz, who drives a dangerously souped-up taxi. One breathless close call after another leads to an ugly showdown: Ronan alone against his father, with the fate of Greta, his friends, and the entire world hanging in the balance. Will Ronan be able to rise up and prove once and for all that he has what it takes to join the Blood Guard?

By turns heart-stopping and hilarious, The Blazing Bridge brings the Blood Guard trilogy to a surprising, clever, and altogether thrilling conclusion.


Carter Roy has painted houses and worked on construction sites, waited tables and driven delivery trucks, been a stagehand for rock bands and a videographer on a cruise ship, and worked as a line cook in a kitchen, a projectionist in a movie theater, and a rhetoric teacher at a university. He has been a reference librarian and a bookseller, edited hundreds of books for major publishers, and written award-winning short stories that have appeared in a half-dozen journals and anthologies. His first two books were The Blood Guard and The Glass Gauntlet. He lives with his wife and daughter in New York City and can be found at or on Twitter @CarterRoyBooks.


And the Blood Guard Trilogy goes out with a bang!  In this third book, Ronan and his friends are desperately trying to protect Greta from the machinations of Ronan's father and the rest of the Bend Sinister.  But it's getting harder and harder to stop them, especially with so many of them in New York.  But with the additional help of Diz, a Blood Guard cabbie, and the ongoing efforts of Dawkins and the rest of the Blood Guard, maybe, just maybe, a way can be found to stop the Bend Sinister for good.  But Ronan may have to face off with his father to bring it about.  One thing I've really enjoyed about this trilogy is the almost nonstop action.  Ronan and his friends seem to go from one mess into another one, which of course makes these book action-packed, quick reads.  They are hard to put down without finishing them.  The creative touches such as Diz's souped up cab add humor to the story.  And of course the numerous ways that Jack finds to injure himself make it a really good thing that he is immortal.  A great finish for a fun series.


One lucky winner will receive a complete set of all three Blood Guard books (THE BLOOD GUARD, THE GLASS GAUNTLET, and THE BLAZING BRIDGE). (U.S. addresses only.)

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