Sunday, September 18, 2016

BLOG TOUR: The Last Messenger of Zitol by Chelsea Dyreng


When Rishi is kidnapped and taken to Zitól, she faces an unthinkable future: she is to be sacrificed to appease the gods. To survive in this place, where greed, lust, and fear eclipse compassion, Rishi befriends the selfish and ignorant king, only to discover that he may not have the power to save her after all.


I found The Last Messenger of Zitol a compelling read from the very first page, where Nadal, the king of Zital begins the story.  I found it rather interesting that the selfish, ignorant king is the one telling the story, but since he's clearly telling the story after the fact it created interest for me rather than confusion.  It gave the story added dimension by allowing the reader to really see and feel the changes that Nadal undergoes.  Rishi, on the other hand, does everything in her power to maintain her beliefs even under threat of death.  Rishi's people value female virtue highly, to the point that each young woman remains a virgin until marriage and wears a white bead that indicates that until they marry.  Rishi, somehow manages to hold on to her faith and virtue despite the threats she faces and in the process forces the young king to face things about his own people and lifestyle that he doesn't particularly like.  But does he have enough power to actually save Rishi, or will she be forced to sacrifice her life for her beliefs.  Dyreng has created a fascinating look at a society that has fallen to its own greed and false beliefs, yet Rishi's courage and faith and virtue shine through bringing light to Nadal and Zitol for the first time in decades. A captivating read with powerful themes about the value of virtue and faith in world where it is seriously lacking.

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