Wednesday, September 9, 2015

WILD & WONDERFUL WEDNESDAY: Smithsonian Discover: Earth by Dorothea DePrisco


With Smithsonian Discover: Earth, kids can take a tour of Earth’s fiery core, scale Mount Everest, scuba-dive in the Great Barrier Reef, and hunker down during a hurricane, all without ever leaving the safety of their living rooms. A must-have for any kid who calls Earth home, this engaging book contains three sections: Amazing Earth (all about the inside and outside of the planet), the Blue Planet (covering awesome oceans, raging rivers, and great lakes), and Wild Weather (which explains the science of weather and goes inside natural disasters). Each page contains science presented simply, and facts backed by the museum professionals of the Smithsonian.

The compelling content is only the tip of the iceberg (only a tenth of which floats above the ocean’s surface, as you’ll learn). This engaging title also delivers hands-on activities like you would find at the Smithsonian. Bound right into the book are 12 Earth fact cards, a large double-sided map of the world, and materials to construct a three-dimensional paper globe. Though we walk its surface every day, Smithsonian Discover: Earth will surely teach kids that Earth is one fascinating planet!


Smithsonian Discover: Earth provides not only a nice overview of the planet but it also includes a 2-sided poster, 12 fact cards, and a 3-D globe to build.  These additions to the book make the book more hands-on and interactive, perfect for young readers who, like me, are fascinated by planet earth.  Topics covered include: the solar system, rocks and gems, glaciers, the age of the dinosaurs, oceans, and many types of weather. Each topic is covered briefly on a single page with the addition of beautiful photographs and interesting diagrams. This is the sort of book that young science lovers are bound to cherish.  Unfortunately the spiral binding and extras don't make it appropriate for libraries, but for single users it's a great book.

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