FANTASTIC FRIDAY: The Wishbreaker by Tyler Whitesides


Ace and Ridge are back to save their friend—and the world—in this sequel to The Wishmakers, which Chris Grabenstein, #1 New York Times bestselling author of Escape from Mr. Lemoncello’s Library, praised as a “fantastically fast-paced and funny read.”

Being a Wishmaker may be more trouble than it’s worth. Sure, you get a genie who can grant an unlimited number of wishes, but for each one you make you have to accept an awful consequence in return. Not to mention that you’re also given an impossible quest and only seven days to fulfill it!

Despite all that, Ace and his genie, Ridge, managed to complete their last mission—but they couldn’t save their friend Tina from being abducted by a rogue genie who’s bent on using his limitless power to rule the world. To rescue her, Ace must reunite with Ridge to become a Wishmaker once more, and they’ll need to team up with the unlikeliest of new allies. It’s not every day you get a second chance to save the world, so Ace is determined to learn from his past mistakes and wish for the best, literally.


Note: If you haven't yet read the first book in the series, The Wishmakers,  I recommend that you do so before reading this review.

Having loved every book I've read by Tyler Whitesides, including the first book in the Wishmakers series, I was eager to read this one.  And I wasn't disappointed in the least.  Whitesides has a remarkable ability to combine story elements and ideas in such creative ways that I never know what's going to come next.  

After the hi-jinks of the first book, and the cliffhanger ending I was thrilled to pick up the book and discover that it picks up right where the first book ends.  Ace is desperately trying to get his genie, Ridge back so that he can save Tina, who sacrificed herself to save her mother.  But Tina has been taken captive by a very powerful genie and Ace and Ridge have their work cut out for them.  Especially when Ace receives his quest (part of being a wishmaker, see the first book) and discovers that the Universe has assigned him a task that has nothing to do with saving his friend.  Teaming up once again with Jathon Anderthon and his genie, along with Tina's mother, Ace and Ridge set out to find and free Tina.  But consequences pile up fast as they make wishes frantically in an effort to catch Chasm before he unleashes his own plans to conquer the world. Juggling strange consequences (dancing on sidewalks, brushing away nonexistent cobwebs, and spinning heads, along with his own longing to discover his past, Ace must choose what he wants the most and what he's willing to give up to get it.

Once again, Whitesides has written a thoroughly entertaining, creatively-written story about the power of choices and living with consequences versus having to choices at all. A real winner of a conclusion for a fantastic fantasy series for any reader, young or old, whose ever wished for things to be different.


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