Thursday, February 1, 2018

SERIES THURSDAY: Gimme Shelter/Barkus


The Chicken Squad prides themselves on being ready for anything. Marshmallow life preserves? Check. Copious bags of jellybeans for a car ride? Check. Storm shelter? Storm shelter! They need a storm shelter in case there is ever a storm. So Sugar takes it upon herself to build one in the yard. But it turns out it’s not big enough for everyone. And the big dig has unearthed some mysterious surprises.


Doreen Cronin's Chicken Squad is back in their fifth adventure.  This time around the four siblings face off over a storm/meteor shelter.  Sugar, who tends to take the lead, insists they must be prepared for any upcoming storms which she changes to meteors as soon as Dirt (the educated one) tells her about them. The problem is the hole isn't big enough for them and J.J. Tully (the former search and rescue dog) and their mother Moosh.  This argument leads to a decision to vote (an election held by Sugar alone at 3 a.m. in the neighbors garage so she gets her way) to settle the dispute.  When the digging commences another issue arises with the discovery of a bone.  Further arguments about just what they have discovered as well as conflict with the neighbor boys, squirrels, and chipmunks create trouble all over the place.  Cronin has created an amusing story that young readers are bound to enjoy.  And Gilpin's illustrations complement the story perfectly.


Meet Barkus. Barkus is loyal. Barkus is generous. Barkus is family.

The exuberant Barkus and his lucky young owner whirl and twirl across the pages of this delightful pre-chapter book series from award-winning author Patricia MacLachlan. The accessible text is ideal for even the newest independent reader, while the warm, humorous story and energetic illustrations will appeal to picture book readers as well as advanced readers.


In this delightful ode to the relationship between a girl and her dog, the author has created a wonderful book for sharing with a group or reading one-on-one.  The five short stories in the book highlight the fun that Nicky and Barkus have together.  The first story introduces Nicky and Barkus to each other. Story two introduces Barkus to Nicky's class at school.  Story three revolves around Barkus's birthday. Story four sees Barkus adopt a kitten and story five has Nicky and Barkus enjoying their first outdoor campout.  The bright illustrations are very eye-catching and appealing.

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