SERIES THURSDAY: Super Happy Party Bears #3, #4


The third book in a funny chapter book series filled with full color illustrations and adorable animals!

When Queen Beetrice and her beehive opens for business in the Grumpy Woods, the Super Happy Party Bears are excited--they LOVE honey! But the other Grumpy Woods residents are very unhappy with all the noisy buzzing going on, and they boycott the bees!

Too much sugar sends the bears into early hibernation and soon the woods are overflowing with uneaten honey. The townscritters need a fast solution to the sticky situation--and so they decide to throw an Un-Slumber Party to wake those bears up!


The Super Happy Party Bears are thrilled when they discover a hive of bees has moved into the Grumpy Woods and is happy to provide them with all the honey they could want.  Naturally, the rest of the residents of Grumpy Woods are NOT happy about the bees arrival.  They like their woods nice and grumpy the way they are, and they are most definitely NOT going to eat any honey, well, except maybe Squirrelly Sam.  At first as the bees business gets buzzing the bears are able to eat all the honey that is produced.  But eventually all the sugar sends them into an early hibernation, leaving Mayor Quill and the other residents of the Grumpy Woods with too much honey on their hands.  This third book in the series is as delightful as the first too.  The contrast between the grumpy residents and the Super Happy Party Bears is amusing and the bright colorful illustrations are very appealing.  This is a great series for young readers who are ready to move on to early chapter books.


The squirrels of the Grumpy Woods have finally finished gathering their nuts for winter, when the Super Happy Party Bears find their stash…and eat the whole thing. To make it up to them, the bears show the squirrels another hoard they’ve found—one that belongs to the chipmunks!

Suddenly, the bears' huge appetite has caused an all-out civil war between two rival nut hoarders: the Puffy Cheeks (the chipmunks) and the Twitchy Tails (the squirrels). Can the bears prevent the Grumpy Woods from getting too nutty?


What do you get when you have a bunch of happy-go-lucky bears who are more than willing to share what doesn't belong to them, a bunch of scared-y-cat squirrels, militant chipmunks, and the grumpy residents of Grumpy Woods?  Well, you end up with a RUMBLE (or NOT if Mayor Quill has his way, which he usually doesn't).  The chaos and confusion (not to mention secret hideouts and nut stashes) makes this an amusing book to read.  I had to wonder how things were going to turn out.  This is a fun series for young readers with bright, attractive illustrations that bring it all to life.


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