BOARD BOOK REVIEWS: My First Book of Animal Hugs and Kisses/My First Book of Animal Opposites


Charming photos of wildlife combined with adorable comments offer a heartwarming look at creatures from around the world. Any toddler will love this vibrant book—as will adults sharing it with little ones.


There are several things that I look for when I review board books.  Bright colorful illustrations are a must for a board book. There needs to be things to attract young eyes.  This book definitely has that quality with gorgeous photographs of animals 'hugging' and 'kissing'.  The variety in the size of the picture provides a nice contrast for young eyes.  Board books don't necessarily need text but when they have text it needs to be short enough not to bog down the reading.  The youngest listeners need practice listening and interacting over books so they should provide a fun experience without being overly long.  This book provides simple text that combines beautifully with the photographs.  For example, the book starts with, "Some animals KISS to say "Hello!" followed by a picture of prairie dogs 'kissing' and the statement "Prairie dogs kiss".   The gorgeous photographs combined with the straight-forward text make for a fun reading experience for reader and child.  There may even be some giggles along the way as the child sees the different animals interact with each other.


This photo-illustrated gem teaches the youngest of children about opposites using examples from the animal kingdom. Families who love nature and the world’s wild places will enjoy sharing these animal opposites.


Books about opposites are a common thing for young readers.  What makes this one stand out are the gorgeous photographs.  Comparisons in terms of size, softness, habitats, transportation and other animal related opposites make this book not only a fun way to learn opposites but a fun way to learn about animals.  Lions, egrets, puffins, cheetah, tortoise, hippo, and crocodile all make an appearance along with a few other animals.  This book makes for a fun shared reading experience.


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