Monday, August 15, 2016

MMGM: The Terrible Two Get Worse by Jory John and Mac Barnett


On their own, pranksters Miles and Niles were pretty devious. Now that they’ve formed a pranking duo, they’re terrible! But their powers will be tested when their favorite nemesis, Principal Barkin, is replaced by his stern and cunning father, Former Principal Barkin. Now Miles and Niles will do just about anything to get their old antagonist back—including pranking alongside him.

Authors and friends Mac Barnett and Jory John “are in perfect comic harmony” (Publishers Weekly) in this series that celebrates inventiveness, friendship, and the power of teamwork—for good, or for terrible.


Mac Barnett and Jory John have created another wacky tale of two boys who see themselves as professional pranksters.  But as they continue to plan and pull of pranks, many of which are aimed at their school principal, they come up against a new challenge.  Principal Barkin´s father, the former Principal Barkin, gets his son fired because of the pranking and takes over the school, where he immediately does everything in his power to make everyone´s lives miserable.  And despite several attempts, Niles and Miles are stumped by a man who refuses to be pranked, turning each of their pranks into an ´accident´.  It seems the new (old?) principal has won.  But Niles and Miles refuse to give up though and decide to recruit their former principal into one last attempt to stop Principal Barkin from destroying the school.

One can always trust Mac Barnett to come up with something wacky and this series definitely qualifies.  But considering how popular the first book is in my library, I have no doubt that this one will be as well.  I have to admire the pranks that the characters come up with, although I would wince to see some of them actually brought to pass (limberger cheese in the ventilation system at school, ew, gross).  But the authors have done a great job of creating a villain that the reader wants to hate, he is truly awful and I seriously wanted to tell him off.  I was amused by the twist of Niles and Miles actually recruiting their former obnoxious principal, that was definitely unexpected.  I am definitely curious about where John and Barnett intend to take the story since now their primary foe knows who they are now.  I have no doubt however that wherever the story goes it will be entertaining and full of eye-rolling moments and wacky illustrations that match the tone of the story.


  1. This one seemed a bit on the mean side to me. I bought it, but some of the pranks (like the Limburger) seemed more destructive than the first book. I hope the third book is a little more lighthearted!


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