WILD & WONDERFUL WEDNESDAY: 1 2 3 Moose/O is for Orca by Andrea Helman


1 wolf, 2 moose, 3 cougars, and more! Award-winning nature photographer Art Wolfe’s engaging photos of animals introduce young children to wildlife while also teaching them numbers and how to count in this colorful and educational board book.


For parents and youngsters who are great animal and nature fans this makes for a great read.  In addition to the counting aspect of the book (from 1 to too many to count!), there are gorgeous photographs representing different animal species, including moose, a wolf pup, orcas, auklets, and snow geese.  The author also includes an interesting fact about each species, such as the fact that cougar kittens purr when they are happy or that orca babies double in size in their first year, or that male elk whistle to gather together.  While a couple of the photographs are a bit blurry it isn't really noticeable.  There is much here to be enjoyed.



O is for orca and P is for puffin! With beautiful photographs by acclaimed nature photographer Art Wolfe, this book brings the alphabet to life for toddlers through colorful animals and landscapes. Wildlife in the book includes auklets, bears, coyotes, deer, eagles, lynx, salmon, urchins, and more.


O is for Orca provides a fun and beautiful introduction to nature for the littlest readers.  Most of the letters are represented by animals with a few land features thrown in, although X and Y are skipped, I'm assuming because of space limitations in the board book format.  Since the focus here is on animals of the Pacific Northwest, with some land features mixed in, it limited the words the author could use.  Despite this the book is beautiful with a basic fact included with a beautiful photograph for each letter (except X and Y).


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