Monday, July 20, 2015

NONFICTION MONDAY: Dirtmeister's Nitty Gritty Planet Earth by Steve Tomecek



Come and explore the world under your feet with the Dirtmeister and friends! Part graphic novel, part fun guidebook, this very cool, rocky journey introduces both eager and reluctant readers to the basic geologic processes that shape our Earth. Clear and concise explanations of the various geologic processes reveal the comprehensive science behind each fascinating topic. Fun facts and simple DIY experiments reinforce the concepts while short biographies of important scientists inspire future geo-scientists.


I've long been a fan of National Geographic books for kids and this book is another wonderful example of why that is the case.  Steve Tomecek (aka The Dirtmeister) takes readers on a wonderfully informative journey through the science of our planet.  Starting with the science of the earth's development, he also covers facts about earthquakes, volcanoes, soil, rocks, weathering and erosion.  Each section starts with a fun little comic followed by several pages of description, graphics, and photographs discussing each topic.  The design is fresh and appealing and the information fascinating.  The inclusion of various experiments demonstrating some of the different processes that are presented is an awesome touch.  These could be done at home or by a teacher in a classroom to help students understand the different processes.  I loved the book and plan to recommend it to young geology lovers and teachers alike.

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