Wednesday, May 6, 2015

WILD & WONDERFUL WEDNESDAY: Hudson in Provence by Jackie Clark Mancuso


A year after we first met Hudson, the lovable mutt who moved to Paris, he’s back and thirsting for adventure—this time in the glorious south of France. When his owner decides it’s time to get away from the sweltering August heat of the big city, Hudson is eager to follow. But of course what is a dream vacation for his mistress proves anything but that for him. This city dog discovers he's flat-footed when it comes to herding sheep, has no snout for sniffing out truffles, and can barely pedal his bike when he gets into the Tour de France. It’s only when he stops imitating the other dogs and follows his heart that he discovers his own unique talent. Children, Francophiles, and dog-lovers alike will fall in love all over again with the four-legged American ex-pat as he sniffs, barks, and digs his way through Provence. Along the way, they’ll bask in exquisite artwork that depicts Hudson and Provence in gorgeous hues with a painterly touch that perfectly complements the narrative. Gouache paintings of mountains and beaches, town squares and lavender fields, and dogs—beagles, boxers and border collies—lots of them!—evoke all the scents and scenery of Provence. A petit dictionnaire serves as an introduction to French for young and old alike.


I have a special place in my heart for books that take place in other countries.  And this one is an adorable story about a dog who travels from Paris to the countryside of Provence with his 'mom' on vacation.  It was fun to follow Hudson as he experiences some of the different aspects of life in Provence as he tries to be like the local dogs.  But he soon discovers that he doesn't really have the skills to herd sheep, find truffles, or ride a bike race.  He does however have a talent for something else and once he finds that talent there is no stopping him.  Not only does this book give the reader a look at another place in the world but it presents the message that no matter where we are we should be ourselves, we should find and use our own talents to make the world a better place.  A fun book, especially for those like me who enjoy learning about other places and finding the surprising talents that we sometimes possess.

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