BLOG TOUR with GIVEAWAY: Can I Come Too? by Brian Patten and Nicola Bayley


Follow a small mouse's biggest adventure in this gentle, cumulative tale from a world renowned author and artist team. 
     A very small mouse decided it wanted to have a very big adventure. "I'll go and find the biggest creature in the world," it thought. Along the way it meets many different animals and when at last they find the biggest creature the little mouse feels a great sense of achievement.


Author Photo
Author Photo

Brian Patten is the author of The Big Snuggle-Up, as well as several poetry collections for children. He lives in England.

You can visit Brian Patten’s website here.

Nicola Bayley has illustrated many acclaimed picture books for children, including The Big Snuggle-Up and The Jungle Book. She lives in England.

The illustrations in this book are gorgeous!  They have the soft dreamy feel to them that I am such a big fan of.  Each of the animals stands out in a beautiful way.  The story is sweet too as the mouse leads the animals on a search for the biggest creature in the world.  And having company makes the adventure all the more exciting for the mouse.  As the mouse asks each animal if he/she is the largest creature in the world they say no and express interest in joining the adventure.  The mouse is very welcoming and inspires the others to go on an adventure as well.  This is a truly sweet story about how one can inspire many to experience things they might never have tried on their own.  A winner all the way around.

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