BLOG TOUR: Claude at the Beach by Alex T. Smith


In the third installment of Claude's hilarious adventures, Claude and Sir Bobblysock pack their bags and go on vacation to the beach. They rescue a man from a shark, win a sandcastle-bulding competition, and hunt for pirate treasure. Of course, they make it back home just before Mr. and Mrs. Shineyshoes come in from work.


Claude is a dog who to his clueless owners appears to live a rather  uneventful life while they are away at work. But unbeknownst to them, Claude has many adventures including visiting a circus, a city, and now, the beach.  He takes his good friend, Sir Bobblysock with him to the beach, as well as a suitcase full of things he might need.  The book is a lot of silly fun with highly exaggerated illustrations that will undoubtedly induce giggles in younger readers. The only issue I had with the book was the exaggerated female forms in bikinis, but the book was enjoyable.

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