Friday, January 18, 2019

FANTASTIC FRIDAY: Sasquatch and the Muckleshoot by Joseph Bruchac


All Elliot wants is a nice, normal day at school. All Uchenna wants is an adventure. Guess whose wish comes true?

Professor Fauna whisks the kids--and Jersey, of course--off to the Muckleshoot territory in Washington, where film crews have suddenly descended en masse to expose Bigfoot to the world, and the Schmoke logging company is bringing in some awfully large machinery.

Can the Unicorn Rescue Society escape the blades of the Schmokes' chain saws? Outsmart a cable news team? And are those big, hairy creatures running through the forest really Bigfoot?


This third book in the Unicorn Rescue Society series is hilarious.  At least I found it so.  I'm not sure if I found it so funny because I was tired when reading it or if the book is just funny.  In any case, I enjoyed the silliness found within.  And yet it isn't all silliness, it's clear the authors tried to be thoughtful in regards to the portrayal of the Muckleshoot native people.  How well they did, I couldn't say because I wasn't familiar with this group before picking up this book.  But the Muckleshoot are portrayed as a people in charge of their own land who care for the land and the creatures that live on it.  Elliot's ongoing fear of just about anything results in some rather amusing episodes, as does Professor Fauna's incompetence and the inclusion of Jersey, Elliot and Uchenna's Jersey Devil pet.  This makes for an enjoyable read for younger middle grade readers who want something less intense than a lot of existing fantasy novels, but just as interesting. 

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