Monday, November 26, 2018

MMGM: The Law of Finders Keepers by Sheila Turnage


Pirates, family, and the truth about Mo's Upstream Mother collide in the conclusion to the Newbery Honor and New York Times bestselling Three Times Lucky.

When the Colonel and Miss Lana share the clues about Mo's watery origins that they've been saving, it seems the time is finally right for the Desperado Detectives (aka Mo, Dale, and Harm) to tackle the mystery of Mo's Upstream Mother. It's the scariest case Mo's had by far. But before they can get started, Mayor Little's mean mother hires them to hunt in her attic for clues to Blackbeard's treasure, which could be buried right in Tupelo Landing. Turns out, the Desperados aren't the only ones looking. A professional treasure hunter named Gabe has come to town with Harm's estranged mother--and soon the race is on, even though the treasure's rumored to be cursed. As centuries- and decades-old secrets are dragged into the light, there isn't a single person in Tupelo Landing quite prepared for all that they uncover. Especially Mo.

The fourth and last book in the Mo & Dale Mystery series and the long-awaited conclusion to Three Times Lucky, The Law of Finders Keepers is a heartbreaking, heartwarming, honest, and hilarious adventure that you can read right after you finish Three Times Lucky.


I have thoroughly enjoyed reading the Mo & Dale Mysteries.  Mo is such a fun, fiesty narrator who isn't afraid to share what she thinks, polite or not.  Mo, Dale, and Harm make a great mystery solving team.  In this book, two mysteries collide when Mo and her friends are asked to find a pirate treasure before the professional treasure hunter can while simultaneously using newly available clues to hunt for Mo's Upstream Mother.  But things start going wrong right from the beginning, and one member of the detective team nearly loses his life, the trio wonders if there really is a curse on this treasure.  And it isn't looking good for Upstream Mother either as clue after clue leads to a dead end.  Can Mo, Dale, and Harm solve their mysteries before they get separated, maybe for good?  Once again, Turnage has created a delightful tale full of twists and turns as well as good solid detective work.  I've enjoyed the interactions of the characters at least as much as the mysteries themselves.  And I'm sad to say goodbye to Mo and her friends and family, but this book wraps things up nicely, although not perhaps in the way Mo would prefer. 

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