Wednesday, May 17, 2017

WILD & WONDERFUL WEDNESDAY: The Book of Heroes by Crispin Boyer


Everybody needs a role model! Discover the true stories of superheroes, rebels, world leaders, action heroes, sports legends, and many more daring dudes, all of whom played their part to make their mark, make a contribution, and make the world a better place.

From Abraham Lincoln to Sitting Bull, Stephen Hawking to Galileo, these cool guys had the boldness, bravery, and brains to meet the challenges of their day. With a fun design, engaging text, and high-quality photographs, this is ultimate hero guide and keepsake for 21st century kids.


I was intrigued by this book the moment I heard about it.  I mean heroes are what most stories are made of, right?   I was expecting the book to focus on real-life heroics and those are included.  But the book also includes fictional heroes such as Hercules, Robin Hood, and King Arthur.  In addition, there are individuals named that I, in my humble opinion, wouldn't necessarily call heroes.  I mean, King Tut? Alexander the Great?  King Tut didn't live to full adulthood, and while Alexander the Great did some remarkable things, I'm not sure I'd call conquering people and building an empire are exactly heroic.  But what I can say is that the book is put together beautifully with bright, colors and appealing designs.  The book works best for browsing since none of the articles are over a page or two in length.  And there were a lot of stories about people that I didn't know.  I especially appreciated the inclusion of ordinary people as well as famous ones, including children.  There's even a section on heroic animals.  In addition, there are sidebars highlighting remarkable women as well.  This book combined with the one on heroines would be a great addition to any library.

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  1. I've a friend that has a reluctant reader at home that I think would really like this. Thanks for the share!


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