Wednesday, March 23, 2016

WILD & WONDERFUL WEDNESDAY: Rascally Rabbits! and Rhino Rescue


These bunnies may look adorable, but there's more than meets the eye! In Rascally Rabbits, meet some rabbits that cause nothing but trouble, a rescue pup who will eat ANYTHING, and a sneaky bear with a taste for treats. Readers won't stop laughing as they read these hilarious--and completely true!--stories. Filled with engaging photos, fast facts, and fascinating sidebars, readers won't want to put this book down.


Animals can add a great deal to our lives, but like children they can be difficult at times as well.  In this National Geographic Chapters book the stories of trouble-causing animals are presented.  Escaping rabbits, rabbit and goat friendships, a thieving bear, and a mischievous dog all make an appearance. Young readers who love animals are sure to enjoy reading about this animals and their 'bad' habits. As always, the gorgeous photographs, informative sidebars, and other interesting facts add to the books appeal. The stories are well-written and easy to follow as well as being quite amusing.  A great addition to a fun series perfect for young animal lovers.


What happens when conservationists meet rhinos in trouble? They arrange to airlift them to safety! Follow National Geographic Explorers-in-Residence Dereck and Beverly Joubert as they move rhinos out of harm's way, meet a courageous little Hawaiian monk seal, and a pair of Siberian tiger cubs fighting for survival. Readers will cheer as they read these completely true stories of animal rescues. Filled with engaging photos, fast facts, and fascinating sidebars, readers won't want to put this book down.


Human efforts to rescue endangered animals make for rather compelling stories.  Rhino Rescue does not disappoint in this regard.  The experiences of rescuing a badly injured monk seal, orphaned tiger cubs, and African White Rhinos make for compelling reading.  The amount of work that goes into helping these at-risk animals is amazing as are the people who work so hard to help them.  Children who love animals or are considering working in the field of animal rescue will find this book fascinating reading.  The sidebars that include additional generic information about the different species as well as the brief facts scattered through out the book provide further interest-catching information.  Another winning addition to a great series.

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  1. Thank you for reviewing Rhino Rescue! It was great to be able to share true stories about endangered animals with happy endings.


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