Monday, July 13, 2015

NONFICTION MONDAY: Untamed--The Wild Life of Jane Goodall by Anita Silvey


Jane Goodall, one of the most recognized scientists in the Western world, became internationally famous because of her ability to observe and connect with another species. A girl of humble beginnings and training, she made scientific breakthroughs thought impossible by more experienced field observers when she was only in her twenties. Then these animals shaped Jane's life. She began tirelessly fighting to protect the environment so that chimpanzees and other animals will continue have a place and a future on our planet. Jane Goodall continues to leave the modern world with an extraordinary legacy and has changed the scientific community forever.


Jane Goodall's work with chimpanzee's is well known.  I remember hearing about it from the time I was a child.  But I still found this book eye-opening.  The book offers not only stunning photographs and great information about chimps but a look into the dedicated career of a woman who loved animals from the time she knew they existed.  I don't know many five-year-old's who could be quiet and still enough to watch a hen laying an egg.  Clearly, Jane demonstrated an ability to observe patiently from a very young age. Written in a very engaging style, Untamed, shares the power of following one's heart even in the face of great obstacles.  I especially enjoyed the stories about Jane and her chimps.  I knew it must have been a great challenge to go out in the wild and observe a wild animal the way she did, but I didn't know just how difficult. I appreciated Silvey's efforts to share major events in Jane's life with just enough detail to hold a young reader's interest.  The sidebars included information about specific chimps, chimp behavior, and other topics related to Jane's life.  I also found it inspiring to read about the incredible difference that one dedicated person can make in the world if they believe in what they are doing and don't give up.  An absolutely fascinating and inspiring story of a woman that many people know about but don't understand.  The inclusion of additional resources is great for those readers who want to know more as is the information about the organizations that Jane has helped found and support during her lifetime.

Check out these websites for more information:

Roots and Shoots is a program for children who want to get involved in their communities in supporting the environment.

See here for a video showing Jane's involvement in the release of a rehabilitated chimp into the wild.

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