Sunday, May 10, 2015

WILD & WONDERFUL WEDNESDAY: Thank You, Jackson by Niki and Jude Daly


Jackson the donkey works very hard, carrying loads of mielies, carrots and potatoes up the hill to market every week, from the little farm where he lives with the farmer, his wife Beauty and his son Goodwill. But one day Jackson just stops, halfway up the hill. The farmer pushes him, pulls him, shouts at him. But Jackson WILL NOT BUDGE. Just as the farmer is about to beat his donkey, little Goodwill comes running up the hill. Quickly he whispers something in the donkey's ear - and, straightaway, the old donkey gets to his feet. The farmer is astonished. What could be the secret of the boy's message? "Well," says Goodwill, "Mama told me it's the little things like saying please and thank you, that make a big difference in this world." And from that day on, the farmer remembers to thank his old donkey for helping him, and Jackson does his work willingly.


When Jackson the donkey refuses to carry his load of vegetables over the hill, his owner tries to get him to move using whatever methods he can think of including the threat of violence.  But the donkey continues to balk.  When Goodwill, the farmer's son, is sent by his mother to help his father with the stubborn donkey, he demonstrates in a very sweet way that the smallest things do make the biggest difference.  Simply thanking the donkey for his service encourages the donkey enough to get up as does the farmer and his son's willingness to help bear the load of vegetables.  A beautifully illustrated seemingly simple story about the power of kindness the message isn't heavyhanded in any way but comes across loud and clear.  A story that I found inspiring and a powerful reminder that focusing my energy on the simple things can help me and those around me in the most surprisng ways.  After all, who doesn't like to feel appreciated.

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  1. This sounds like a nice story. I love the cover illustration, too. I really like picture books that have a subtle message to them.


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