Tuesday, January 6, 2015

PICTURE BOOK REVIEW: Stanley the Sock Monster Goes to the Moon by Jedda Robaard


Stanley is a little sock monster with a big dream...

Stanley wants to visit the moon!  His dad tells him that he can do anything he sets his mind to.  So one night, Stanley makes a plan.  He gathers up all his books, notes, and sketches about outer space.  Will his plan succeed? Will Stanley ever make it to the moon?

Here's a story about perseverance and reaching for your dreams, no matter how high or far away they may seem!


Jedda Robaard is an illustrator, graphic designer, and the director of a successful art, school for children. Jedda lives in Ocean Grove with her family on the surf coast of Victoria, Australia.  She shares her home with furry and feathered creatures, including one nutty daschund.


Stanley loves the moon and dreams of going there one day. With encouragement from his father, he starts looking for ways to get there.  Unfortunately, his plans keep failing and those he goes to for help don't really help much.  But Stanley refuses to give up.  The sweet illustrations add a nice touch to this darling story about the power of persistence and following your dreams.  The soft pastel colors create a dream like atmosphere that makes the story more believable than it would be otherwise. Stanley is an adorable sock monster and the moon looks nice and friendly.  Overall, a nice read that works as both an inspirational story and a story about solving problems.

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