Wednesday, February 5, 2014

BLOG TOUR: Bad Dad by Derek Munson


Depicting a positive, engaged relationship between two kids and their fun-loving dad, this endearing story shows how Dad always seems to be in trouble. The library books are overdue, the kids are late for school, and the last cookie is missing from the cookie jar. Dad is always in the middle of it all, but is he really that bad? He also helps with homework, tells lots of jokes, and banishes Brussels sprouts from the house forever. Kids and their dads alike will both love how the things that make Dad bad are suddenly revealed to show that Dad is actually pretty cool.


Derek Munson works as a writer, speaker, and all-around daydreamer. His current hobbies include playing with his kids, avoiding his household responsibilities, and crashing on his mountain bike. He lives in Bellingham, Washington with his wife Suzanne, their daughter Abby, their son Zack, and Roger the family dog.

INTERVIEW with Derek Munson

What's the 'story behind the story'?

I can't remember if I got the idea when I was at my desk drawing, or while the kids were jumping on the bed. But it was a blast writing these one-liners. Some of the things in the book came from experience, but most of it was just trying to think of a bunch of scenes, offering a bit of visual variety, and trying to make sure I didn't turn the mom into an evil witch.

Where do you like to do your writing?

At my very messy desk. Or, in the summer, on the very sunny deck.

What do you especially like about the picture book format?

Generally speaking, words go through the brain, and pictures go through the heart. So picture books allow us to experience an idea with both our minds and emotions. Bad dad is built around the relationship between two kids and their dad. Melody Wang's illustrations beautifully express that relationship, so it only took around 300 words to tell the story and achieve the desired effect. 

What do you enjoy doing in your free time? 

My daughter and I just performed in a play at the local children's theater. And I coach my son's soccer team. When I'm alone I like drawing and playing drums in a basement band. And then there's Words with Friends. Holy Moley- Totally addicted!

Where would you go if you could go anywhere in the world?

Machu Pichu

Which picture book author/illustrator(s) do you especially admire?

Chris Van Allsburg, Mo WIllems, and John Cheiska Szeiska Scieszka. Brilliant peeps!

Dad is SOOO bad! He gets in trouble at the toy store, he plays ball in the house, stays up too late playing video games, and drinks milk straight from the carton. But really is he that bad? Perhaps not so much. A hilarious story about a parent's imperfections yet who very clearly loves his kids.  I can easily see kindergartners giggling their way through this book.  It would have been better for large group sharing if the illustrations had been bigger and filled the whole page, but that's a minor complaint.  The book would work best for one on one sharing and giggling and discussing of dad's quirks. A delightful book perfect for kids who are starting to realize that mom and dad aren't quite perfect yet.


  1. Love the idea! I can so relate to this story.. and i love the cover art, it looks fabulous. I think this would be such a good read aloud. Putting this one our list.
    Thanks for sharing on KidLIt BlogHop!
    -Reshama @ Stackingbooks

  2. This looks so good! Plus Bad Dad is just so much fun to say. =)


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