Thursday, February 7, 2019

SERIES THURSDAY: Bigfoot and Little Foot by Ellen Potter


Hugo is a young Sasquatch who longs for adventure. Boone is young boy who longs to see a Sasquatch. When their worlds collide, they become the unlikeliest pair of best friends.

At the Academy for Curious Squidges, Hugo learns all manner of Sneaking—after all, the most important part of being a Sasquatch is staying hidden from humans. But Hugo dreams of roaming free in the Big Wide World rather than staying cooped up in caves. When he has an unexpected run-in with a young human boy, Hugo seizes the opportunity for a grand adventure. Soon, the two team up to search high and low for mythical beasts, like Ogopogos and Snoot-Nosed Gints. Through discovering these new creatures, together, Big Foot and Little Foot explore the ins and outs of each other’s very different worlds but learn that, deep down, maybe they’re not so different after all.


In this story of young Hugo, the focus is on a town of Sasquatch who live in a cave in the woods.  They rarely leave the cave for the woods outside for fear of running into human beings.  But Hugo is curious and wants to explore the outside world.  When he sends a carved boat out of the cave through a hole in the wall, he doesn't expect it to come back with a message.  And he really doesn't expect his new found pen pal to be a human boy.  But after the boy calls him a liar for claiming to be a sasquatch, Hugo sets out to prove the boy wrong leading to a connection that the others aren't quite ready for.  This is a delightfully adventurous new series for young readers who enjoy tales of friendship and exploration. It's also a tale of learning to reach beyond the known and try something new.


Hugo is a young Sasquatch. Boone is a young boy. After an unlikely encounter, they’ve become an even unlikelier pair of best friends. After saving up his Monster Card wrappers, Hugo sends away for a special prize in the mail—a Monster Detector! Using the watchlike device, Hugo quickly spots a monster right in his own cavern. Spooked, but still excited about his prize, Hugo heads to school and finds yet another surprise—his friend Boone! Boone announces he wants to go to Sasquatch school, but no human has ever gone before, and not everyone is as happy about it as Hugo. Boone’s first day of school gets off to a rocky start, but Hugo doesn’t have much time to worry before he makes another monster sighting and takes off after the creature. What follows are even more surprises, ones that have Hugo rethinking what it really means to be a “monster.”


When Hugo, a young sasquatch, receives a supposed Monster Detector in the mail, he immediately sets out with his friend, Gigi, to look for monsters in the cave he calls home.  What he doesn't expect is for the detector to go off leaving them at the mercy of a famous monster.  When his human friend, Boone decides to start attending sasquatch school, he isn't well received.  Both experiences and later discoveries leave Hugo to reassess just what qualifies as a monster.  I enjoyed reading this story about Hugo and Boone as they face the prejudices of their own kind as well as the dangers of making assumptions.  A solid entry in this fun new series by Ellen Potter.

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