Friday, August 3, 2018

FANTASTIC FRIDAY: The Basque Dragon by Adam Gidwitz & Jesse Casey


Elliot and Uchenna have barely recovered from their first adventure with the Unicorn Rescue Society when the mysterious Professor Fauna approaches them with an all-new quest. And this time, they're going to have to cross the Atlantic Ocean to the Basque Country of northern Spain. Elliot and Uchenna, with Jersey in tow, soon wonder whether their newest, fire-breathing rescue might be more than they can handle. And why do the evil-doing Schmoke Brothers seem to be involved yet again?


I've found myself quite enjoying this series.  It's got the intensity of a fantasy series, but plenty of humor as well.  Elliot and Uchenna make great foils for each other.  They've become friends, but they are very different.  Elliot is a bookworm, who enjoys routine, and calm and quiet.  Uchenna loves rock and roll and lots of adventure.  Now that the two have teamed up with Professor Fauna in saving magical creatures, the unexpected is to be expected.  Much to Elliot's horror and Uchenna's delight, they soon find themselves flying with the Professor to the Basque country in Spain to rescue a missing dragon.  But can the two keep up with the erratic Professor?  And what is he hiding from them?  And what on earth made them think they could handle a dragon?  Gidwitz, have created a delightful fantasy series here for readers who aren't ready for the much longer series like Harry Potter.  And the humor makes the books not quite so scary as a lot of fantasy books can be. I look forward to reading the next book in the series.

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