Tuesday, May 29, 2018

PICTURE BOOK REVIEWS: Sylvia Rose and the Cherry Tree/Astronaut Annie


This very strange tale began in May

in a friendly forest on a sunny day.

Skipping along a path in the wood

danced Sylvia Rose, and man, she was GOOD!

Laughing and leaping came Sylvia Rose,

Whirling and twirling on twinkly toes.

Bold, adventurous Sylvia Rose loves visiting the animals and trees of the forest. The girl and her favorite cherry tree share almost everything, including dancing and stories, but they can’t travel the world together because the tree is rooted deep in the earth. Determined to overcome this obstacle, Sylvia Rose enlists her animal friends to uproot the glorious tree, and Sylvia and the tree set off globetrotting together, taking in the wonders of the world from the Eiffel Tower to the Sydney Opera House, each sight more amazing than the last.  

Back home in the forest, however, the animals begin to suffer without the food and shelter of their life-sustaining cherry tree. Can the tree give up her newfound freedom and return to her role in the forest ecosystem?


This sweet book revolves around a young girl, Sylvia Rose, and the joy she finds visiting the forest.  All the animals enjoy her visits as do the trees.  The cherry tree especially enjoys hearing of Sylvia Rose's adventures, but is sad because he can't accompany her and see the world himself.  But Sylvia Rose enlists the help of the animals to uproot the tree and take him on a journey to see the world.  And while they enjoy their trip and the many sites and sounds they experience, back home, the animals greatly miss the tree and all he offered them in terms of food and shelter.  The best part of the book is the lovely illustrations which are bright and colorful and eye-catching.  And the themes of friendship, joy in the journey, and the power of home shine through nicely.


Career Day is approaching, and Annie can’t wait to show her family what she’s planning to be when she grows up. But, she must keep it a secret until Friday! So curious family members each ask Annie for a clue. Convinced that she’ll be a news reporter like he once was, Grandpop gives her his old camera and notebook to use for her presentation. Grandma is sure Annie wants to be a champion baker like her, so she offers a mixing bowl and oven mitts to Annie. Hopeful she'll become the mountain climber he aspired to be, Dad gives Annie an old backpack. Mom presents Annie with a pair of high-top sneakers to pursue Mom's favorite sport in high school -- basketball.

Grateful for each gift, Annie cleverly finds a way to use them all to create her Career Day costume. When the big day arrives, Annie finally reveals her out-of-this-world dream to everyone.


Annie is excited about giving a presentation for school about what she wants to be when she grows up.  Each of her family members is excited as well because they think she's interested in being what they were such as a news reporter like Grandpop.  Each family member gives her equipment to use for her presentation representing their own passions.  What I especially enjoyed about this book is the creative way that Annie takes what her family gives her and uses it to create her own costume representing her own dream.  I wish the title of the book was different though, it would have made the big reveal at the end all the more powerful.  The title rather gives away Annie's plans.  The story is a fun one about finding your own passions in life.

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