Thursday, January 10, 2019

SERIES THURSDAY: Wedgie & Gizmo books 2 & 3


Wedgie LOVES the new micro-pig next door. And she LOVES him! They both like to go for walks and roll in smelly things. They are going to be in the school pet parade together. They are best friends.

But Gizmo knows the truth. The pig is Wedgie’s new sidekick. Super Wedgie and the Toof have teamed up to stop Gizmo from taking over the world.

But they will not win! Gizmo is an evil genius. He is smarter than most comic book villains. And more powerful than even Darth Vader! He ordered a flying machine online and he will use it to set free all the guinea pigs at the pet parade.

Then they will crush both dog and pig and make all humans feel their wrath. Muh-ha-ha!!


Gizmo, the cavy, called a guinea pig by humans, is still plotting to take over the world.  But first he must recruit other cavies to his cause.  He creates a flyer designed to do that very thing.  He also orders a drone to assist in his plans.  Meanwhile, Wedgie is meeting the new neighbor, Emily and her pet pig.  At first the two seem to get along, and then Pinkie (called the Toof by young Jackson) seems to be getting all the petting and attention and Wedgie resents it.  Turns out that Wedgie's young mistress, Jasmine and Emily are determined to win a trophy from the upcoming pet show, but Pinkie is succeeding in her training and Wedgie is failing.  Everyone's plans, human and animal, come to a head at the pet show.  Selfors has once again written an amusing tale of animal ambition and behavior.  Fisinger's illustrations provide a lot of the humor, providing the perfect complement to Selfor's funny story.  Bound to be popular with young readers with it's easy to read text and hilarious illustrations.


Wedgie and Gizmo’s humans are taking their first family vacation—to a campground by a lake! And their pets are too destructive to stay home alone. Wedgie the corgi is super-excited. He can’t wait to chase squirrels and poop in the woods!

But Gizmo, the evil genius guinea pig, has no time for games. He must convince the forest critters to join his Evil Horde and help him take over the world—one tent at a time.



Wedgie and Gizmo travel to a pet hotel with their family, but when things don't work out there they end up going camping instead.  Gizmo plots to take over the world, or at least recruit some minions and steal Wedgie's (Thorgi) cape in the hopes to reining in Wedgie's 'power'.  Wedgie is obsessed with 'protecting' his family from the tiny 'squirrels' (chipmunks).  But things take a turn for the dramatic when Gizmo has to fend off a visitor and gets lost and Wedgie has to decide between protecting his families' socks and the delicious sausage the chipmunks have to offer.  Once again Selfors has created a hilarious tale of pets and family and different points of view.  The combination of art and text works smoothly to create a book great for reluctant readers but enjoyable for others as well.

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