Monday, June 25, 2018

MMGM: The Wishmakers by Tyler Whitesides


Ace unwittingly releases a genie from a peanut butter jar and gets unlimited wishes that he must learn to use with their consequences before all the world's cats and dogs turn into zombies who will eat mankind.


Having enjoyed Whitesides Janitors series I was thrilled to discover this new series.  The concept behind this new series is a clever one, one I haven't seen in any other book I've read.  Ace doesn't expect anything except peanut butter when he opens that peanut butter jar to make himself a sandwich.  But what he gets is a genie offering him as many wishes as he wants.  There are a couple of catches though.  First, each wish has a consequence accompanying it.  Some consequences are short term, some are permanent.  The bigger the wish, the more uncomfortable the consequence.  For example, Ace's first wish is for a lifetime supply of peanut butter sandwiches, which carries the consequence of a smudge of peanut butter constantly visible on his face for a year.  The second catch is a quest that needs to be completed in seven days or the world will be destroyed by all the world's cats and dogs turning into zombies.  Things get even more complicated when Ace runs into a couple of other kids (wishmakers) with quests of their own that seem to conflict with his.  And as the consequences start to pile up, Ace has to decide just what price he is willing to pay to save the world.  Whitesides has created another fun series opener full of both humor and heart.  The occasional illustrations are a delightful addition.  I look forward to seeing the unexpected places this series will take me.

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  1. I haven't heard of this one, but it sounds really fun! Thanks for sharing it!


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