Wednesday, May 16, 2018

WILD & WONDERFUL WEDNESDAY: Gorillas Up Close by Christena Nippert-Eng


Stunning photographs, an eye-catching design, and complete with anecdotes and facts, Urban Gorillas explores the lives of two resident troops of gorillas at the Lincoln Park Zoo. With histories and biographical details for each ape, this book immerses readers in the gorillas' individual personalities while also presenting a fascinating window into their daily routines and care, touching on zoo habitat design and gorilla conservation.


 This is what narrative nonfiction ought to be:  fascinating, beautifully documented, with gorgeous illustrations, maps, and captions.  It's clear a lot of work went into this book.  Hours of observation, interviews, and photograph taking were used to document the lives of these gorillas.  I wasn't too surprised to read in the author's note that the book began as a college class project.  I enjoyed reading about Kwan and the other gorillas, their lives and their behavior.  I learned a lot about gorillas reading this book.  I also found the information about how the gorillas are cared for interesting too.  I've long believed that wild animals belong in the wild, but I'm also aware that with so many species endangered, the work that zoos do is important.  And this book confirmed for me the tremendously important work that zookeepers and researchers do to keep their animals happy while advocating for their wild relatives.  All in all a wonderfully informative, and beautifully designed book.

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