Wednesday, February 8, 2017

WILD & WONDERFUL WEDNESDAY: Sea Otter Rescue/The Great Leopard Rescue

Sea Otter Rescue is the third in the four-book Wildlife Rescue series. Each book introduces a species of animal in danger somewhere in the world and profiles a rescue center that helps it. Stunning photos by award-winning wildlife photographer Suzi Eszterhas give readers a rare view of these endearing creatures and the high level of care they receive.

Sea Otter Rescue invites readers inside the Alaska SeaLife Center on the shores of Resurrection Bay in the town of Seward, Alaska. It explores how sea otters become orphaned or hurt and the process of healing and rehabilitating them. It also highlights the people who work at the clinic and how they aid the animals.

Other special features include a map showing the sea otter’s native habitat range and an index, a glossary, sources, and an author Q&A based on common questions from kids. An author’s note introduces readers to small-scale ways in which even they can help with sea otter conservation.

A portion of the royalties from this book will be donated to the Alaska SeaLife Center.


This third in a series of books about rescuing wildlife focuses on the needs of sea otters.  Due to severe hunting, natural disasters, and oil spills, the sea otters of Alaska are in trouble.  But thanks to the efforts of the Alaska SeaLife Center in Alaska, they are making a comeback.  This book highlights the individuals who work at the Center helping orphaned sea otters get ready to return to the sea (whenever possible).  I enjoyed reading about the work of these dedicated individuals and the amazing work they do.  The gorgeous photographs and readable text make this a perfect book for young animal lovers or those interested in careers working with animals.  Books like this one also show how humans can help the earth and its creatures rather than hurting them.


Amur leopards are the rarest big cats in the world. But thanks to scientists' new, innovative efforts to study them and breed a reserve population, these majestic cats have a chance to come back.


Sandra Markle describes the decimation of the Amur Leopard as well as the efforts of scientists to bring them back from the edge of extinction in this beautifully designed book.  The gorgeous photographs are enough to catch the eye, but the information presented is a powerful story of human dedication.  With the loss of much of their habitat, not to mention poaching,  Amur Leopards have become the rarest great cat in the world.  But scientists are hoping that with the help of dedicated professionals, technology, and some innovative methods, the cats population can be brought back.  Markle documents some of these efforts with her solid text and amazing photographs.  Millbrook Press has a tendency to produce some of the finest books I've had the pleasure of reading, this book certainly lives up to that standard.

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