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PICTURE REVIEW w/ GIVEAWAY: Martian Mustache MIschief by Brian Rock


Earth has been invaded by Mars! What do they want? How can we defend against them? And why do they look like little mustaches?!?! 

Join the out-of-this-world fun as our narrator enlists help from readers to repel the “Red Menace.” Discover why ketchup is so important to Mars. Learn one of the toughest tongue twisters in the galaxy as you join the fight to save earth and its most precious resource from alien domination!


Brian Rock's latest PB, THE DEDUCTIVE DETECTIVE, (Sylvan Dell) was a featured title of the month by the Children’s Book Council (Feb 2013.) He has three additional published picture books, WITH ALL MY HEART, DON’T PLAY WITH YOUR FOOD! and PIGGIES. Children’s Poet Laureate, Kenn Nesbitt will be featuring one of his poems in his forthcoming anthology of poetry (2016). Brian has a master’s degree in Children’s Literature/Creative Writing from Hollins University. His poems for children have appeared in Highlights for Children, Poetry Train, and various regional publications. He is also a former teacher and a current member of SCBWI.


Martian Mustache Mischief provides a cute story about the dangers of mustache aliens from Mars which when attached to a person's face will coerce a person into putting ketchup on everything they eat.  The boy who tells the story explains all this before enlisting the help of the reader in getting rid of the alien horde.  Unfortunately, he himself falls victim before inadvertently finding a solution which the reader  helps him implement.  The illustrations are cute and reminiscent of cartoons and animation.  The alien mustaches are almost two cute to be the villains of the story, but their motivations aren't completely evil, they just want to turn Mars red again using the ketchup.  While the book lacks the professional polish of many traditionally published books the story is creative and fun and worth reading.


*What is the 'story behind the story'?

I got the idea for MARTIAN MUSTACHE MISCHIEF while reading an article by Children’s Poet Laureate, Kenn Nesbitt where he was describing how to write tongue twisters. I followed his lead of combining alliterative words and soon came up with the three words of the title. Then I just had to figure out what in the world Martians had to do with mustaches, and what kind of mischief they would create!
*If you could go anywhere in the world where would you go and what would you do?

I’m a huge Disney junkie. I’ve been to the parks in Florida and California, but I’d love to go to the parks in France and Japan. Plus, I’d just love to go to France and Japan and sample the local cuisine!
*What is something about yourself that most people don't know?

I’m also a football-aholic. I live for the opening kickoff of both the College (Go Horned Frogs!) and NFL (Go Dolphins!) seasons. I’ve been to the Pro Football Hall of Fame in Canton - where I met Gale Sayers, Don Shula, Roger Staubach and several other Hall of Famers. What an incredible experience! I’ve seen games at four NFL stadiums. And I actually play in a weekend football league (even at my age!) In fact when I did a reading for my first book, DON’T PLAY WITH YOUR FOOD! at my friend’s son’s school, after I was introduced, my friend’s son said, “And he plays football too!”
*What is your writing process like?
My writing process is like meditation. The more I get out of my own way, the better I write. It is an act of trust to be still and let the Creative Spirit come to me. In fact, for me writing is 80% staring out my window waiting for inspiration and 20% actually putting words on paper.


Thanks to the author I have one copy of the book for giveaway.
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  1. Looks like fun, and a fun interview, too. Thanks, Heidi and Brian.


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