Tuesday, June 16, 2015



Little bird hates rain, but loves to take baths.  After sleeping through the night and the rain, little bird goes looking for a puddle in which to take a bath. But he struggles to find the perfect puddle.  When the perfect puddle presents itself, little bird starts taking his bath only to be interrupted over and over. Will little bird find the perfect place to take a bath or will he have to fly home without?  Russo has created an adorable story about a cute little bird.  Close-ups of little bird alternate with shots of little bird flying through the city making this a great book for talking about perspective.  Also, the story and illustrations are arranged perfectly for giving young readers a chance to predict what's coming, there's even some foreshadowing once little bird finds what he at first thinks is the perfect puddle.


Bird comes to visit Bear to celebrate Bear's 'bearthday'.  As they get ready to go on a picnic, Bear introduces Bird to his friend (the bear in the mirror).  As they pull Bear's red wagon and the picnic toward the dock they see Bear's bear friend again, along with a bird.  It's not until they try sharing their picnic with their new friends that they realize the nature of their new friends.  But the day is still a wonderful one because it's shared with a friend. I found this a really cute story about friendship and how even the mundane can be exciting and fun when shared with a friend.  The illustrations are adorable, I dare you to look at them and not smile.  This is also a fun book to help toddlers and preschoolers learn about reflections.


The littlest bird lives in a very crowded nest with her family.  She never has room for her stuff, stretch out, and never gets enough attention from her mother.  So she sets out to find a new nest.  However, when she finds a new one, it appears to be empty, but she quickly learns that appearances can be deceiving and maybe home isn't so bad.  While the illustration style isn't my favorite the pictures are bright and colorful and the surprise that the littlest bird gets at the end startled a laugh out of me so I figure that young children are bound to enjoy it.  The rhyming while not the best I've ever read is relatively smooth and works for the story. A cute story all around.

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