Wednesday, May 20, 2015

WILD & WONDERFUL WEDNESDAY: The beach book by Fiona Danks and Jo Schofield


The Beach Book presents a whole host of activities and adventures to be enjoyed on the water's edge by the sea, lakes and rivers.


The summer time means going to the beach for a lot of people, including myself. And while just hanging out can be a fun activity there are so many other options for making the outdoors and especially the beach not only a fun place to be but a learning place to be.  The beach book provides a whole bunch of different types of activities that can be planned and executed on a beach.  That beach can be located near a river, a stream, a lake or the ocean.  There is sure to be something here for most people, especially children.  The activities are divided up into the following categories: beach adventures, beach wildlife, beach games, beach art, beach imagination, beach at night, and beach rubbish. Each activity is described and labeled with one of three safety ratings (1-3, one for being okay to do alone, three for activities that should include an adult).  I found the book full of really fun sounding activities.  I can't wait to visit the beach and try some of these out.

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