Tuesday, April 28, 2015

READY-TO-READ: Sparky and Tidbit by Kathryn O. Galbraith


An intrepid do-gooder dog named Sparky and an eager young pup named Tidbit star in this charming Level 3 Ready-to-Read that's all about helping others, gaining confidence; and learning to read!

Brave and bold Sparky receives a K-9 badge for his birthday and cannot wait to start doing heroic things. But he's having a hard time finding ways to help. Then he hears Tidbit, the neighborhood pup, yipping and howling away because he is the worst in his class at reading. Sparky sighs. He can't possibly help with that or can he?

Join the adorable team of Sparky and Tidbit in a story that will teach young readers that with a lot of patience and a little help from a friend, reading will become as easy as it is fun!


I quite enjoyed this early reader not only for the cute dogs, but for the sweet message about being a hero and the value of patience and a listening ear.  Sparky is thrilled when he receives a requested K-9 hat, badge and collar for his birthday and he immediately sets out to become a hero.  But he can't seem to find anything heroic to do, no mean cats to defeat and no bone robbers to catch.  But when he hears Tidbit, a young dog, crying he can't help but respond.  It turns out though that all Tidbit needs is help with his reading and this discourages Sparky.  His compassionate heart though can't help but melt at the young dog's discouragement and so he sits and listens as Tidbit stumbles through his book.  Not only is this a book about a different kind of hero, but the value of persistence.  A cute book with a great message for young readers who are finding learning to read a difficult prospect.

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