Tuesday, March 3, 2015

PICTURE BOOK REVIEW: Olive Marshmallow by Katie Saunders


A sweet, humorous picture book for all new brothers and sisters who are anticipating the arrival of a new sibling.

When Archie notices his Mommy's tummy growing, he knows something strange is happening. Not only that: Mommy's office is suddenly completely pink! Mommy shows Archie a picture of his sister growing in her tummy, but Archie things it looks like an alien. Archie isn't sure that he wants a baby sister. He likes cars and trains and playing cowboys. He knows for sure that he doesn't like fluffy, frilly, and very pink things! But soon, a fluffy, frilly, and very pink bundle arrives at home. It's his new baby sister, Olive! Big brother Archie thinks she looks like a marshmallow, and he wonders if life will ever be the same again.


Archie discovers that he is going to have a little sister soon, but he isn't at all sure that he wants one.  But when his mother brings little Olive home, he can't help but fall in love with her.  The illustrations here are absolutely adorable with soft pastel hues of blue and pink all over the place.  Archie's dislike of pink softens however once he meets his little sister who looks like a 'marshmallow'.  I wasn't sure about the distinct boys like blue and girls like pink theme, until the the page where Archie dresses up in pink to play with Olive which I thought was a nice touch.  Now that illustration was priceless, especially Archie in the pink dress shoes.  Sibling rivalry as a topic never goes out of style and this is a cute way to help children adjust to the changing situation.  Although for most children the transition won't be this smooth, this is certainly how most parents would like things to work out. ;)  Archie is a sweet big brother to Olive and it's a delight to see them play together.

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  1. Isn't this the cutest book ever? I love the artwork. I liked the part where Archie and Olive's toys are all mixed together and they're playing with each other.


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